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This talk is about exploring the boundaries between OOP and functional programming. OOP is based on the idea of encapsulating object state and behavior. Functional programming is based on the idea of referential transparency and no (or carefully controlled) side effects.

Can we use lessons from functional programming to do better OOP in PHP?

Besides showing us ways to write code that is safer to maintain, easier to test and looks funky, studying functional programming activates new pathways in the brain making us allover smarter.

(Oh, and the talk will also un-cover buzzwords like “referential transparency”, so no fear!)

About Vinai

Magento Master, One of Magento’s Earliest Adopters, Magento Developer, Trainer, Consultant & Advisor: A passionate Web Developer, Vinai has been an open source enthusiast since 1998.

Since March of 2008 he has specialised on the Magento platform, which at the time was still in its beta stages. Between working as a freelancer and collaborating in larger, corporate teams, he has been able to gather valuable experience from a wide-range of projects. This priceless experience motivated Vinai to move into training developers, particularly on how to effectively customise Magento.

Since then he has spent thousands of hours, training an array of developers and teams, in all aspects of the Magento platform, across the World. Topics range from extension development, using Git with Magento, performance tuning, and automated testing. In the past, Vinai has worked as a full-time Magento U instructor. He is a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board and was one of the first to pass the MCD+ exam. Vinai is co-author of the German ‘Magento Developer Handbook’ published by O’Reilly in 2010 and co-author of ‘Grokking Magento’ along with Ben Marks.

Recently announced as one of the Magento Masters: Mentors.


Vinai @ Mage Titans MCR 2016

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