Tony Brown

Tony Brown


“Can you make it faster?”, it’s a question we’ve probably all heard at some point or other. But where to focus your attention on such a task can be challenging, usually we only have limited time in which to improve the performance of a site, so quickly identifying the highest impacting bottlenecks is key.

I will discuss the importance of monitoring and the role it can play in identifying performance issues. With a real world example, I’ll discuss a common mistake I’ve come across related to the Full Page Cache efficiency. I’ll also highlight some key aspects that should be considered when implementing features alongside a Full Page Cache.

About Tony

Fully Certified, Long-Time Magento Developer, Technical Director at Space 48

Tony was always having fun playing with computers as a child, he even had a stint working as a games tester for the Atari Lynx handheld console at the age of 12. That passion never died and soon after finishing university in Manchester he was certain that he would work within the technical field.

Having already created a website for the gaming team he was part of, he continued to learn the ways of programming for the web whilst rising through the ranks at a Manchester agency. Tony worked on varied bespoke projects and systems written in PHP working with the Kohana framework, this included a bespoke eCommerce platform. After discovering Magento in 2009, it quickly became a major part of day-to-day life. In 2009 he began collaborating with Jon Woodall and in 2010 they officially started what became Space 48, a Magento Gold Partner agency.

Tony enjoys learning and sharing knowledge wherever he can. He has worked with Magento during the 2.0 beta and presented at other Mage Titans Events. He is passionate about cultivating a culture of learning and has an active role in training at Space 48, supporting the developers through their Magento certifications.


Tony @ Mage Titans MCR 2016

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