Nils Preuß

Evolution of the Core Import Interface


Every merchant wants to sell his stuff, but first all those shiny gadgets have to be available for sale online. Most use some kind of import/export interface and with 1.5 we got that into core Magento. What was (Magento1 retrospective), what is (Magento2 situation) and what will or should be there in the future to allow merchants to fulfill their task easier: importing all those stuff in a reasonable timeframe.

Nils Preuß

About Nils

Since his introduction into the community in 2010 Nils could not leave alone all those nice and friendly people he met there. As a Senior Magento Developer he is leading his team at Polo Motorrad from patch to patch and tries to establish a stronger view about general code quality.

Beeing a long term very active community member he loves visiting different meetups and conferences, not only for sharing knowledge about import/export but also to stay in touch with his fellow developers and friends. Seeing this as one of the strongest things we have with Magento: a lovely community of very open minded people.


Nils @ Mage Titans MCR 2016

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