Max Pronko

Ups and Downs of Real Projects based on Magento 2



During 2016 our “The Irish Store” team has been focused on our eCommerce website relaunch based on the Magento 2 project. There were different decisions made for development of new functionality and porting existing ones and hitting target release date. In this presentation you will hear a lot about how we achieved the milestone. I will also share lessons learned for future Magento 2 projects.

About Max

CTO and Magento Expert

Max is the Chief Technical Officer at and, Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland. Max started his career at Magento in 2010 in the Expert Consulting Group and continued that role until 2012. Later in 2013, Max moved to a Magento Core Team where he was building highly effective teams and delivering on commitments for the Magento 2 release. Later in 2016 Max together with his team delivered the first Magento 2 website. Max is also an active member of the Magento Community and Magento 2 blogger.

Lighting Talk: Ups and Downs of Real Projects based on Magento 2


Max @ Mage Titans MCR 2016

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