Fabrizio Branca

Redundancy Rocks. Redundancy Rocks.

Fabrizio Branca


In this presentation I’ll show you how to run Magento in the cloud so that you’ll never have to get up at 3am to fix things. At the same time we want Magento to run fast and the infrastructure to adapt to your current traffic patterns.

We’ll talk about cloud infrastructure patterns, scaling, elasticity, reliability, caching and how to get your code up there in a clean way. Join me if you want to hear about AWS, infrastructure (as code), immutable deployments, triple redundancy and a little bit of CI/CD.

About Fabrizio

Lead System Developer at AOE

Returning to Germany after 4 years in the San Francisco it’s now our chance to hear him speak at #MageTitansMCR!

Fabrizio Branca is Lead System Developer and is supporting AOE in establishing the American team in the Silicon Valley near San Francisco. He has been actively involved in diverse Open Source communities for many years and is currently working on global TYPO3-, Magento- and PHP enterprise projects at AOE. Fabrizio holds numerous certifications as Magento Certified Developer Plus, TYPO3 Certified Integrator and Zend Certified Engineer.


Fabrizio @ Mage Titans MCR 2016

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