Fabian Schmengler

Porting A Complex Extension To Magento 2



This talk is going to walk step by step through the process of a structured rewrite of a complex extension for Magento 2. The key is to decouple all business logic from Magento, with a well-defined interface between the framework agnostic library and Magento. You will learn some useful patterns for framework agnostic code, and for refactoring existing complex modules in particular.

About Fabian

Software Engineer, Magento Developer @integer_net & Freelance Magento Consultant

Fabian specializes in Magento development since 2011 and since then has worked as freelance consultant and as head of development at the agency code4business. Coming from a software engineering background and several years of web development experience, he embraced test driven development from the beginning and is now looking forward to the new era of Magento 2.

Today Fabian is responsible for backend development, conception and devops work at integer_net, a small company of Magento experts in Aachen, Germany. Besides client projects he also works on commercial and open source extensions, now with the focus on migration to Magento 2.


Fabian @ Mage Titans 2016 MCR

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