Our speakers know a thing or two about Magento and can’t wait to share their knowledge at the much anticipated Mage Titans Mini conference. All speakers are to be confirmed and we’ll be updating the speaker roster over the run up to the event (in no particular order), so keep checking back here for updates or catch them on the speakers’ news blog category!

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We think you’ll be pleased with the names on our line-up, and there’s more to come!

Vinai Kopp

Vinai Kopp

Magento Master, One of Magento’s Earliest Adopters, Magento Developer, Trainer, Consultant & Advisor:

A passionate Web Developer, Vinai has been an open source enthusiast since 1998.

Since March of 2008 he has specialised on the Magento platform, which at the time was still in its beta stages. Between working as a freelancer and collaborating in larger, corporate teams, he has been able to gather valuable experience from a wide-range of projects. This priceless experience motivated Vinai to move into training developers, particularly on how to effectively customise Magento.

Since then he has spent thousands of hours, training an array of developers and teams, in all aspects of the Magento platform, across the World. Topics range from extension development, using Git with Magento, performance tuning, and automated testing. In the past, Vinai has worked as a full-time Magento U instructor. He is a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board and was one of the first to pass the MCD+ exam. Vinai is co-author of the German ‘Magento Developer Handbook’ published by O’Reilly in 2010 and co-author of ‘Grokking Magento’ along with Ben Marks.

Recently announced as one of the Magento Masters: Mentors.

Vinai will have a full length talk


Talk: What to keep in mind when writing tests


Watch all of his Mage Titans talks here on our YouTube playlist.

Ben Marks

Ben Marks

Long-Time Magento Developer, The Magento Evangelist, and Community Manager:

Ben joined Magento in April 2014 as a Developer and Community Evangelist after spending 5 years working as a Magento developer and educator. He is responsible for helping Magento and its amazing community of users and developers to be as connected as possible.

Raised in North Carolina, Ben moved to Charleston putting his psychology degree to use – playing drums full time. He accidentally became a programmer due to his addiction to automobiles and the realisation that he could build a wiring harness for an MR2. First came Cold Fusion, then came PHP by way of osCommerce, aka “How to not learn programming”. Eventually Ben stumbled into CakePHP 1 & 2, Zend Framework 1, and eventually, Magento.

Ben has been working in the Magento community with some renown since October of 2008. After being brought into the Magento family as a Magento U trainer, he has moved up to his current status as Evangelist – as he was kind of doing that anyway! Now you’ll find him flying around the World speaking to thousands of people on the subject of Magento.

Ben will have a full length talk


Talk: Untitled – Special announcement on the night


Watch all of his Mage Titans talks here on our YouTube playlist.

James Cowie

James Cowie

Magento Master, Technical Team Leader, BDD & TDD Lover, Highly Active GitHub Contributor, MageCaster, A Regular At Magento Hackathons & Conferences Around The World:

Technical Team Leader at Session Digital has been working with Magento for several years. During this time he has been a core contributor to MageSpec and BehatMage. He is an avid advocate of Behaviour Driven Development and Test Driven Development. He is co author of MageCasts and enjoys blogging and tweeting all things Magento and BDD/ TDD.

James also blogs regularly, more recently on the topic of Magento 2, and stays ahead of the curve with technologies. He also manages a Magento-centric screencast called MageCast.io in partnership with two other Magento enthusiasts; Allan MacGregor and Fabrizio Branca.

Recently announced as one of the Magento Masters: Movers.

James will have a full length talk!

Ian Cassidy

Ian Cassidy

Head of Magento at CTI, Development Manager, E-Commerce Expert, Skilled Developer:

Head of Magento at CTI Digital Ian has been working with Magento since CE 1.4 after landing his first development role shortly after graduating from Staffordshire University. Having completed several Magento projects he turned his attention to streamlining the development workflow and began working on the agencies first core-build which combined a mixture of commonly used modules and an base theme.

After working with Magento for a number of years Ian moved to Phones 4u where he worked on a number of digital projects including the company’s digital transformation project which saw the company migrate the Phones 4u and Dialaphone platforms.

As part of his role at CTI Ian works with a wide range of businesses helping them to get the best out of the Magento platform. When not talking tech you can usually find him reading, watching Stoke City FC or Snowboarding.

Ian will have a full length talk with Suresh


Suresh Balasubramanian

UX, Front-end, JavaScript Developer; Magento Front-end Lead Developer at CTI Digital:

Working at CTI for over 8 years Suresh has worked on a wide variety of digital projects including Magento, Drupal and Mobile Applications for clients such as Google, BBC and Intel where he has worked with a number of technologies and frameworks including AngularJS, BackboneJS, Ionic, Express JS, Firebase and NodeJS.

Suresh started programming in 2005 after getting to grips with Flash and ActionScript before moving on to work with later technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, SASS and WebGL.
In his role as Lead Front-End Magento Developer Suresh uses his years of experience to help craft new approaches to Magento theming and has recently spearheaded CTI’s pattern driven development approach, made famous by Brad Frost.

Style Guides/Patterns gather the bits of reusable code and design patterns underlying a site and turn them into a shared vocabulary for designers, developers, and the people they work with to address an infinite number of real-world scenarios.

Outside of CTI you can find Suresh talking and recording at Mcr FRED; a meetup for front-end developers, or organising CTI’s Squash Club.

Suresh will have a full length talk with Ian

Nathan McBride

Nathan McBride

Magento Developer @Meanbee, Magento 2 Blogger and Contributor:

Nathan has 5 years of experience with Magento, he started as a full stack in house e-commerce developer at a DF Sales, later becoming a business development manager. After working in many different fields of e-commerce he decided to specialise in backend Magento development.

Nathan joined the Meanbee team as a junior Magento developer one year ago. Since then he has been helping maintain client Magento 1 builds and building extensions for Magento 2.

Passionate about the PHP community Nathan has written many articles about the internal structure of Magento 2. However what truly excites him is helping to push the movement of properly written decoupled code, he believes this will help communities across different PHP frameworks work together and create new innovations.

Nathan will have a full length talk

You’ll find all the above speakers’ synopsis here