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The Innovation Award Winner!

With 23 submissions from 12 countries

to the first Mage Titans’ Innovation Award we were so impressed.



It was a very difficult job just to shortlist the entries down to seven, let alone to judge and whittle it down to one; that’s why we brought the experts in to do this for us. A panel of nine specialists were called in to judge; Joshua Warren, Chris Simmons, Allan MacGregor, Nick Lansley, MitchGoldman, Alex Blaney, and Sam Ban, Rik Blakow and Jon Woodall who were all in attendance on the day. But, even the specialists couldn’t decide!



Just after lunch on the day of Mage Titans, Grant Kemp took to the stage to introduce the Mage Titans’ Innovation Award and to announce the winner. He began that this was quite a controversial result, as there was not one clear winner, it was actually a very close race, almost a photo-finish, with a joint second place to be commended. Each entry was marked anonymously out of ten on both innovation and impact.



The air was excitable and we think that the audience were in agreement with Grant that Magento builds, and the wider eCommerce world in general, was, and is, an area in which innovation can really push boundaries.

And so, Grant moved on with the announcements.

In joint second place were Meanbee and Cloudtags.

Meanbee had submitted their personalised content extension for Magento which automatically show customers the most relevant static blocks based on their previous product purchases and views. They have some rather impressive screenshots on their GitHub account, where you can also download and try out their Open Source creation. We can’t wait to try it out ourselves.

Cloudtags aim to create connected stores, blending digital and physical experiences. Through the innovative use of smart tags, NFC and beacon proximity sensors, CloudTags provides tens of thousands of data points about customers in-store browsing behavior and product-level intent. You can see their innovation in action on their website.

Congratulations to Meanbee and Cloudtags, you really have created stand-out innovations!

Finally, we came to the winner. We announced that the consensus was… GoInStore, who bring the online customer virtually instore via the use of smart, connected glasses, so they can view the item in action in the hands of an experienced assistant.



Again, so many thanks go out to our Innovation Award sponsors, Sage Pay, to Grant for heading up the project and to all of our judges and entrants.

Generation Innovation:

Sage Pay sponsor and judge the Mage Titans Innovation Award

At Sage Pay we service over 189 countries and process 1.9 billion successful eCommerce transactions (worth £700 billion) per year – that’s 20% of the UK’s eCommerce market. These numbers don’t even include our face to face capabilities, but they substantiate our ability to grow and innovate within a bustling and fiercely competitive market place. As technology advances and changes consumer shopping behaviour, online security has never been so important for businesses operating within eCommerce.

Keeping our gateway secure, reliable and available whilst releasing multiple codes is one of our top priorities and we pride ourselves on our industry-leading 99.99% uptime. This doesn’t happen by accident, however. Innovation lies at the core of Sage Pay.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Sage Pay are pleased to sponsor the Mage Titan’s Innovation Award. We believe that the payments industry is driven by the people working within the technology sector – and those who are creative, bold and ready to push boundaries.

Meeting your customer demand

While eCommerce gets bigger and bigger, there is huge opportunity for businesses to innovate. Customers are increasingly looking for better and more convenient ways to pay for goods and services and, as a business, you simply must deliver. Our 2015 Payments Landscape Report tells us that over a quarter of consumers want a greater range of payment types.

Unfortunately, a third of businesses don’t think that offering a greater range of payment types would encourage customer loyalty, with nearly a half saying that payment innovation is not a priority. Treading water doesn’t just lead to customer frustration, but puts your business in a hazardous situation.

Innovation is the key to success

Success looks a bit different to every businesses, but innovation isn’t saved just for those with big budgets. We see some of the most innovation from start-ups and small businesses who thrive on learning and energizing their business operations from within. Innovative businesses – large or small – can enjoy the rewards of economic success.

As an example, our recent Payments Landscape Report tells us that consumers who are aged 25-34 are more likely to shop at a business that offers a greater range and innovative range of payments. This demographic are many retailers’ future customers so innovating your payments should be a key attraction.

We love to innovate

At Sage Pay we have a sophisticated approach to payments and are keen to help businesses grow. While we’re sponsoring the Mage Titans Innovation Award, our very own Head of Innovation, Rik Blacow is also one of the event’s judges. Rik Blacow has been working in technology since 1996 and has been at Sage Pay since 2008 and is a key player when it comes to innovation. He initially set up the QA function at Sage Pay and has been head of innovation practice since 2012, focusing on the future product possibilities, payment platform enhancements and generally getting the best out of the Sage Pay platform.

This post was written by Sangeetha Narasimhan – The Partner Marketing Manager at Sage Pay, our Innovation Award sponsors – thanks, we couldn’t do it without you!

The Innovation Award Shortlist:

Innovation Brilliance

First of all we want to thank you to everyone for entering the Award, the submissions were of a seriously high standard and this was a very difficult decision to make. Especially as we had over twenty people enter the competition! As innovations are subjective, we have tried our best to keep an open and unbiased view of the submissions and I think that you’ll be impressed with the shortlist.

Thank you to Sage Pay for the support you have given to us with this award, we really look forward to hearing your thoughts on the winning entry. Also many thanks go out to our Award partner Grant, who has helped to promote this among his innovative circles and assisted in defining the shortlist.

We have already announced that Ometria were the first on our list. With their early entry with outstanding customer profiling features we couldn’t help it. The following shortlisters do not disappoint.

And The Innovators Are:

In alphabetical order:

  • Ampersand – ‘Poundland – Avoiding downtime for a £1.1bn retailer’
  • Cloudtags – ‘Heal’s In-Store Remarketing’
  • Cloudinary – ‘Image and Video Management Solution’
  • GoInstore – ‘First-Person Shopping Experience Online’
  • Meanbee – ‘Content Personalisation’
  • Ometria – ‘Customer Profiling’
  • Sitewards – ‘Mass Customisation’

Stay Tuned

For more information on the Award entries, updates, comments, reviews and thoughts, we will be posting more details. Now it’s over to the judges.

Announcement: The Innovation Award Shortlist

Meet the first on our shortlist

We are delighted to announce Ometria, the innovative data platform, as being our first shortlist for the Magento Innovation Award at the Mage Titans.

Ometria really wowed us with their combination of smart technology, great use of data and impressive customer base that have managed to pick up in such a short space of time. To best describe Ometria’s benefits, we thought we would let you hear direct from their CEO and founder, Ivan Mazour.

So what is Ometria – and how does it help?

Ometria is a customer insight and marketing automation platform. We believe that the two depend on each other entirely. If you just provide customer insight, it ends up sitting on people’s desks, and not acted on. And if you do marketing without first understanding your customers, you end up wasting time and money, and you end up annoying them. So Ometria gives retailers both the ability to understand their customers, and the ability to use that understanding to communicate with them better.

What makes Ometria so awesome for Magento stores?

We have built our product entirely by listening to our customers and their needs. And since we have focused on Magento from the very beginning, over 90% of our customers are on Magento, with over 100 Magento sites now using Ometria. So if you’re on Magento, that means that Ometria has been built specifically to solve your biggest challenge.

What does that mean in practice?

It means a one-day go live. We have integrated into Magento sites in under 2 minutes, and we have set up campaigns, based on customer data, that actually run and generate revenue that same day. Our Magento extension isn’t just some add-on that we knocked up. It is core to our functionality and powers our entire business.

What sort of impact has Ometria had on your customers?

There are three key benefits that retailers using Ometria see. The first, of course, is extra revenue. Which marketing team doesn’t want to increase revenues? We make sure that we drive ROI, and aren’t just another line in the budget. And we do it in a way that they simply cannot do with any other tool.

The second is an increase in customer engagement. Many of our case studies show specific metrics for the number of lapsed or lapsing customers that have been reactivated by our campaigns, and many show the increase in CTR and conversion rates.

And the third is better visibility into the customer base. Extremely fast-growth businesses, especially some of our VC-backed customers like Swoon Editions, Charlotte Tilbury and Rad, all of whom are on Magento, need to know exactly how they can grow faster.

With these three benefits combined, Ometria lets retailers make extra revenue, have happier customers, and grow even faster.

What has been your largest success that you have achieved for your customers?

We’ve got lots of great case studies with Magento retailers like Swoon Editions, MyTights and Finisterre – all of them see some amazing results, with customer engagement, customer reactivation and overall revenues going up significantly. Our latest case study is Seraphine. Their total email revenues went up 60% with Ometria powering their marketing.

You can visit Ometria here.


If you are looking to find out more about Ivan and his team’s innovation processes and tips, then check out Grant Kemp’s post about Ometria’s innovation Secret Recipe over on Connected

About the Innovation Award

For those of you who are innovative and would like to join Ivan and get in front of our ‘soon to be announced’ amazing judging panel then head over to our Award page. We are accepting all sorts of entries from early stage developer projects to fully formed products with customers. The catch – it needs to work or be built on Magento. Entries close on 26th of October 2015.

Take it easy Mage Titans!

Mage Titans - The Innovation Award

An Innovative Interview with Grant Kemp

Innovation Alert!

Grant is a big fan of Innovation and Magento, involving himself a lot in the community, recently presenting at Magento Startup Demo Day. We heard he had a story to share so we thought we would interview him…

Grant Kemp

Hi there Grant, so, tell us a little about yourself. What do you do? What makes you tick?

A. Sure! I am an innovation and data geek who enjoys innovating and creating completely new experiences when it comes to digital and eCommerce. I started my career doing PHP and have gone on to develop using IOS, Android as well.

I have done the full gamut from Virtual Reality for Peugeot to Augmented Reality for Coca Cola and McDonalds. Occasionally I have even managed to crack top spot on the Apple Appstore which has been a buzz. I also run the UK’s largest hackathon meetup – UK Hackathons and Jams, which I find is one of the best ways to meet other innovators, learn new technologies and exercise my innovation skills in competition.

Grant Kemp

During my day job I work For Session Digital where I get to work with some amazing companies on rolling out their Magento sites. I am always on the look out for technologies which are genuinely thinking outside the box and are trying to solve problems in a really creative and innovative way.

We have visited your website “Connected Window” (Showcasing the best examples of digital technology), we can see your passion for technology here. Do you have a personal favourite recent, or rising piece of technological innovation?

A. My personal favourite has to be McDonald’s digital kiosks. They have turned what is a simple touch screen into an entire new shopping experience. In Australia they are even using the same technology to roll out table service – just from rethinking what a touch screen’s role is in a restaurant has the possibility to do, McDonalds are riding the wave to a fundamental change in their business driven by technology. And the best part is they are encouraging others to do the same.

You have some exciting ideas around innovation, how do you stay in the know? And more importantly, how does Magento perform in the world of innovation?

A. I blog a lot about retail innovation, and every morning I scan the news to see what is happening in the world of digital retail. The one thing that always surprises me is that amazing work that I have seen coming out of Magento sites seems to struggle for attention up against the larger retailers. The same goes for awards, it seems to be just the large sites that win the awards despite Magento sites doing things way before and in many cases better.

The power of Magento means that there are literally thousands of people innovating on it, but we lack a real showcase for them to display and shout about this amazing work.

Yes, we know a few innovators ourselves! So you heard about Mage Titans and our mutual love for Magento? What do you think about us?

A. Mage Titans has built up a fantastic reputation. I have had the fortune of attending quite a few major Magento events and conversations always seems to turn to what is the next event that people are going to. Mage Titans was repeatedly on the lips from so many influential Magento-ites, you have to sit up and take notice.

We Have An Announcement

So, this brings us to the exciting bit – we have an announcement for Mage Titans, can you tell our readers what you have in store?

A. At Mage Titans we are going to be debuting the first Innovation Award for Magento that has been voted for by a selection of fellow Magento practitioners. And it’s not just by developers, we have representatives from all parts of the Magento world from designers and agency owners to testers, plugin owners and Digital Marketeers.

That sounds interesting! And how are you hoping that this benefits our attendees?

A. Magento is fortunate that we are all working towards a common goal. Being an open source community means being part of the team that is working towards making Magento the best platform to open the world to commerce. We aren’t competing against each other but rather against the wealth of other e-commerce platforms that are out there.

We all want to do things that push the boundary of what is possible and improve on things. Only by shining a light on those that have succeeded in pushing those boundaries back, can we be inspired to push things forward and create the next big innovation on Magento.

Thanks for your time Grant! To see more technical innovations and learn more about Grant’s interests, you can visit his website Connected Window:

Grant Kemp - Connected Window

So that’s it Mage Titans.

The Innovation Award

You can submit your work as an individual, a team, or a company. Show off your creations which are at the forefront of technology and don’t let them be overshadowed by the big-big retailers. Something interesting, innovative and new, or a beautifully executed application of existing technology. We will be showcasing the best ideas and these will be reviewed and judged by a panel.

We will be accepting all levels of technological innovation, from something seemingly very minute that just so happens to make a lot of lives easier, to something much more in your face like the in-store-digital-presence of Rebecca Minkoff. Little or large, we are looking for something that really raises our eyebrows.


For details on how to enter, the benefits and the small print, please visit the Innovation Award page.

Thanks Grant!

Take it easy Mage Titans.