2016 Call for papers

It is time – hello again Titans!

Deadline – 12th September 2016!

You’ve been here before. We open our doors to seasoned speakers and N00bs alike. If you have knowledge on something Magento-centric we want to hear it.

For inspiration you can check out any of the Mage Titans talks, EVER, on our YouTube channel (all 52 videos). Remember we are built for developers, so you can get as technical as you like: tutorials, process, testing, front-end, best practice, deep dives, overviews, introductions, emerging technologies, and more… Be bad ass, be a Mage Titan.

To enter simply submit your talk below, and feel free to enter more than one. We might not get back to you immediately. If you want to chat, contact us at heythere@magetitans.co.uk, otherwise, we’re excited to read your synopsis.

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Mage Titans’ Call for Papers

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Take it easy Mage Titans.

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