The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Sage Pay

The Innovation Award aims to highlight technological advancement and encourage original ideas creation within the Magento community. Pushing the boundaries across all levels should, and will be recognised. Whether this be a new approach to testing, compression, an exciting new extension or integration, a UX focused POS, or something else!? You tell us.

What you get:

  • all entries can be featured online with full credit given to you. If you prefer to only have it featured if you are shortlisted, then please let us know.
  • the best entries will have the option to be spotlighted
  • the top three will have the option to feature in a full page review on the Mage Titans’ website
  • there will be a befitting prize for the winner which will be awarded on the day of Mage Titans (7th November 2015)
  • you never know, you might have a candid audience for your innovation!
  • a follow up interview with the winner
  • social mentions on Twitter to our community

Innovation is in the minds and hands of the developers.

Our community have a chance to demonstrate their creative and problem solving minds. Whether you’ve worked as an individual, a team, or a company, the idea is to bring your efforts together to display something interesting and innovative that you have created.

We will be accepting all levels of technological innovation. From something seemingly very minute that just so happens to make a lot of lives easier, to something much more visible like the in-store-digital-presence of Rebecca Minkoff. Little or large, we are looking for something that really raises our eyebrows.

Read our interview with Grant Kemp, the mastermind behind the event. You can also visit his website, Connected Window, to view some examples of innovation in the eCommerce sector.

Grant Kemp - Connected Window

For more information, how to enter, the benefits and the small print, please read the details below.

Innovation Award

The Mage Titans Award Judges

Have been announced. Click below to view the list of Innovators.

The Judging Panel

The Award Details

The Award is now closed for entries and has entered the judging stage

To enter:

  • 50 word (max) bio of yourself / your team / your company
  • from 100 – 400 words about your innovation; what it is, what it does, how it helps / innovates
  • images or a simple flow diagram where applicable
  • a link so we can try it out for ourselves (if applicable)

The small print:
All data remains the intellectual property and in the ownership and copyright of the originator(s), and the duplication or sale of all or parts of these documents is not permitted. All rights in the data reserved. Ownership of data is not transferred by this agreement. We retain the right to not give feedback on individual entries, should they make/not make the shortlist. The closing date for entries will be the 31st of October 20015, judging will take place prior to announcement at the Mage Titans' event on the 7th November 2015.