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Thanks Titans for your support

As a community event, Mage Titans main objective is to give back; not only to our Magento community but also to our local community. As a not for profit event, we are honoured to be able to donate all proceeds after the organisation costs of the event to a chosen charity.

Over the last two year’s our chosen charity for Mage Titans Manchester has been the local and well deserving, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The hospital provides specialist healthcare services for children and young people throughout the North West, as well as nationally and internationally.

Money raised

This year we are happy to announce that we have raised over £1,200 which will help to support projects that make a difference to children in hospital every single day of the year. The charity’s current projects include providing toys for children undergoing clinical trials and investing in sensory play equipment, which will distract and calm patients undergoing painful procedures.

Mage Titans and Space 48 founder, Jon Woodall is proud to be an official ambassador of the RMCH. Jon wishes to continue our support via future Mage Titans and other events organised by Magento eCommerce agency, Space 48.

Thank you to everybody who attended Mage Titans Manchester and helped us to achieve this!

Mage Titans MCR 2016 – A Retrospective

As founder of Mage Titans and MD of Magento eCommerce agency, Space 48, Jon Woodall led the conference with a compelling introduction. Jon talked about the impressive evolution and growth of the conference and how this would not of been possible without the continued support of the Magento community.

Since the original Mage Titans in 2014, the conference has become an annual event in Manchester and has also travelled to Italy and U.S.A, with plans of Mexico on the horizon. With over ‘78 speakers, 55 sponsors, 1019 attendees, and £5,300 raised for charity’ already, it’s safe to say that the conference continues to exceed its 3 C objectives; to connect, collaborate and contribute.

Each year has truly got better and better, and after last year’s phenomenal Mage Titans in Manchester, we didn’t even think this was possible! So this year we pulled out all the stops, starting with a complex workshop the night before with Leading Magento Architect, Vitaliy Korotun. Then on the day, Magento Evangelist, Ben Marks charismatically hosted the event at the Comedy Store, where as ever, we had an incredible lineup of Magento experts sharing their knowledge on stage. The lineup included 8 speakers, 4 lightning talk speakers and the Vice President of Technology at Magento, Jason Woosley. It was interesting to hear Jason share his thoughts on the platform’s global presence as well as the areas of concern which they are working to improve. Afterwards, to round off an inspiring day of Magento-goodness, our after-party game got turned up a notch or three. Coaches arrived to take everybody to the after-party venue where there was food, booze, and entertainment galore (see Titans, we really do appreciate your feedback).

Missed out?

If you didn’t make it to #MageTitansMCR this time, recap the talk slides (videos coming soon) and make sure you check out our trending hashtag.

Recap The Talks

Fabian Schmengler – Porting A Complex Extension To Magento 2

Vinai Kopp – Stories From the Other Side

Tony Brown – Porting A Complex Extension To Magento 2

Max Bucknell – Present & Future of Front-End Development in Magento 2

James Cowie – Object(ivly) Thinking

Vitaliy Korotun – Building complex forms with Magento 2 UI Components

Fabrizio Branca – Redundancy Rocks. Redundancy Rocks.

Anna Völkl – Secure Input and Output Handling

Max Pronko – Ups and Downs of Real Projects Based on Magento 2

Tadhg Bowe – Migrating Data from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Rebecca Troth – Magento is for Life, not just for Christmas

Nils Preuß – Evolution of the Core Import Interface

Jason Woosley – Community Engagement 2.0

The Top Tweets


Cutest moment

The best of the best

The Keynote

With a lot of key takeaways, money raised for the RMCH charity and fun had by all, it really was an incredible weekend. Thank you speakers, sponsors and all of you who attended! Our event partners Manchester Digital and Space 48 played a major part in organising the day and our sponsors, UK Fast, MageMojo CTI Digital, Dotmailer, Inviqa, Ampersand, Fluid Digital, Shipper HQ supported us to make it happen.

To keep on improving year on year, we rely on your feedback – the good and the bad. Tell us what you thought of the event and put forward your ideas for next year’s directly to or over on our Joind.In. To review the individual talks and give our speakers there much deserved feedback, please click on the speaker links above.

Once again, a round of applause to everybody involved and see you again same time next year Manchester!

This year’s swag!

Admit it. The one thing EVERYONE looks forward to at a conference (aside from the awesome talks, of course) is a good ol’ swag bag. And Mage Titans is no exception. We have pens, T-Shirts, obligatory stickers and new for 2016, we have laptop stands to give away. Yes, you heard us- laptop stands! Hey, we like to help out where we can.

If you have attended all 3 Mage Titans (or even more) and have T-shirts from each conference – we want to hear from you! Tweet us photos of your Mage Titans Tee collection. Or perhaps your T-Shirt has been to an exotic or exciting place… we want to see photo evidence of your Mage Titans Tees on their travels. Be creative Titans.

Before you descend on Manchester here’s a link to our up to date delegates guide – Download.

In the meantime, here’s how to assemble your laptop stand. Estimated assemble time: 12.3 seconds.


5 minutes with Tadhg Bowe

This year our call for papers response was phenomenal, so instead of a panel discussion, we just had to have 4 lighting talks. Our lighting talk speakers are just as important to us as all our other speakers, squeezing their wicked Magento knowledge into just 15 minutes!

So to give you a taster, we asked Tadhg a few short questions –

1. What are you most proud of?
Excluding my wife and children, I am most proud of my upbringing. I grew up on a small farm in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. Looking back now it was a wonderful childhood. I am proud to be a ‘giver’ and not a ‘taker’.

2. Who do you most admire in your career?
Right now I most admire the movie director Ken Loach. Okay my career is not in the movies but you have to admire this man. His movies bring to life the awful truths of both modern society and historical past. #WeAreAllDanielBlake 🙂

3. Why did you want to get involved in Mage Titans UK 2016?
Mage Titans 2015 was my first exposure to a real Magento developer conference. I came away inspired. It also dawned on me that maybe, just maybe I would like to do a talk. So one year later here I am! I hope that my story will inspire others to do the same.

4. Is there anything else that you are eager to tell us about your talk?
Okay I know Data Migration is not the most exciting of topics… so I’ve tried to make it a little more fun. After all, our venue is the Comedy Store! Is there any Dutch in the audience? I can’t give too much away but what can go wrong in 15 minutes!

Many thanks to Tadhg for stopping to answer these questions, we’re really excited to hear your talk.

Talk: Migrating Data from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Take it easy Titans.

After Party @ Black Dog Ballroom NQ

We are excited to finally confirm that the after party is being held at uber cool bar Black Dog Ballroom NQ in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The venue is a 20 minute walk from The Comedy Store with your fellow Titans. But to save your feet for dancing we’ve got 2 coaches leaving from outside The Comedy Store at 5:45. So see you on the dance floor!


Black Dog Ballroom NQ
Basement Affleck’s Palace,
Corner Tib St / Church St,
M4 1PW

(Get directions from Google Maps)

Please take the time to mingle with other delegates, speakers and sponsors over a chilled beer or game of pool. There will be free pizzas, fries and nibbles on tap to fill those hungry stomachs too. We couldn’t think of a better way to finish off an awesome day!

The after party is kindly being sponsored by the wonderful MageMojo and Space 48 – thanks guys!


One week to go

Tickets: check
Flights/transport: check
Hotel: check

November is here which means only one thing: the countdown for Mage Titans 2016 is officially on!

This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better with lots of great companies getting on board, and a fantastic after party at Black Dog Ballroom. We also have a couple of surprises in store on the day so keep your eyes peeled.

The day kicks off bright and early with registration at 9am followed by the welcoming remarks at 9.30am. Please ensure you are at the Comedy Store to register before 9.30am. We appreciate it’s a Saturday and a few of you may be a bit bleary-eyed but the sooner we can get everyone registered, the sooner we can get to the Magento-goodness. There will also be coffee and swag bags to help you along the way.

Don’t forget to..


After the event please give us your feedback on the talks and overall event via


Let’s paint the town orange! Your support for Mage Titans means a lot to us and sharing your photos and tweets from the event allows us to spread the word far and wide. Last year, #MageTitans was trending in Manchester, let’s see if we can do it again this year with the #MageTitansMCR hashtag.

Ben Mark’s tweet after last year’s Mage Titans:
“@MageTitans is a must-not-miss #realmagento event for developers. Looking forward to 2016!”

And, here it is. See you there Titans. We cannot wait.