Mage Titans an Event for Magento Developers

An International conference for Magento developers, designed & curated by #RealMagento developers. The Titans are next in Milan, Italy, 9 June 2017 @MageTitansIT and Valencia, Spain, 30 June 2017 @MageTitansES.

The main event in Manchester will be back, and bigger than ever in November, 2017.

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Who should attend?

Our aim is to connect, collaborate, and contribute to our Magento community. To encourage self-improvement and knowledge sharing between developers, and offer you a valuable opportunity to join Magento community experts in exploratory discussions.

Mage Titans is open to all, it has something for every level of Magento developer. Learn new things and network with your fellow developers whilst enjoying a variety of presentations and panel discussions. If you have any suggestions for this year’s topics, then please let us know. There will also be an opportunity to provide feedback, so if there are any topics you’d like us to cover at future conferences, we want to know!

Mage Titans is not for profit. We are all for the community. But we don’t like to keep things too close to home, we like to extend our reach, to help those around us. This is why we like to give any and all profits after the organisation of the event to charity.

Who should attend

Topics Covered

The day will feature some amazing presentations by utter experts! The agenda is work in progress, but just check out our YouTube playlist to see the kind of subjects covered, you’ll be impressed and we plan to stay up to standard.

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